Hair Extensions

  • • quikkies
  • • strands
  • • sew-in
  • • jewelry stones


The most effective and outstanding change that can be done to transform your whole look is hair extensions.

In a couple of hours your short, thin hair can turn into lengthy, splendid hair with desired fullness that will permit you to have any kind of up does you always desired to have. Different methods such as strand-by-strand (imitates natural growth of hair, which allows you to style your hair in different ways), strip(less time is needed to complete this particular service, however it limits your choice of styles), and sew in help to carry out the process of putting hair extensions. The strand-by-strand technique can be approached by keratin strands or metallic rings. Whichever way you will choose to have your extensions done you should know that each method has its pros and cons, that`s why it is highly recommended to consult a professional to find which technique will work best for your hair. You are free to pick the length, color of the extensions, and desired volume.

The final result will give you gorgeous natural hair that you can easily wash, style, and color.