• • touch-up (roots)
  • • men color and reshades
  • • highlights (partial and full head)
  • • glaze, toner, demi-color, fillers, semi- color
  • • balayage (women, men)
  • • single and double process blonding
  • • ombre
  • • grey blending
  • • color correction


ЕModern life style puts obligations on a person`s image that`s why fine looking hair becomes a requirement, and many women turn to a colorist for assistance.

Every client has different wishes and goals. Some want to boost their natural color to make it more rich and intense while others color their hair to get people`s attention or to make a drastic change in their life. If you decided to become blond, bleaching cannot be avoided. Thus, a qualified master can help not only to pick the right color and shade for you but will also provide necessary care for your hair to eliminate the damage.

Blonding should not be confused with ombre or balayage.

Those popular techniques create a smooth transition of color from dark to light or reverse. All in all, a complicated, multi stage process will give you a natural shade with colored strands of hair. Hence, if you see yourself as more playful and creative with your style you can add a colorful pallet of vivid turquois or flamboyant pink to you hair. Nevertheless, if you choose to enliven your natural color without radical changes the best choice will be to make highlights or balayage to show the texture of the hair. Another coloring procedure - 3Dimention, where each strand of the hair is colored into a different shade can visually increase the volume of your hair and add more shine and depth to it.

Today beauty market offers the dyes for hair which are based on Oil Delivery System.

With attention to this, such system contains special oils that can nourish the hair and catalyze the absorption of the dye molecules into it with extra care. By the way, the secret of this hair dye is in effectiveness of its coloring ingredients and sparing pH for this reason to attain a dark color or lightening your shade becomes less harmful for your scalp and hair structure, and a final outcome will satisfy not only you but your hair as well. It will be healthy, shiny, and soft like it was never colored.