Since ancient times, probably from our ancestress Eve, women decorated their hair in different ways - weaving braids, weaving them flowers, ribbons and decorations.


Perhaps the first hairstyle that you came - it was a braid woven mom or grandmother. Currently braiding has not lost its relevance and prodolzhet gain the attention and delights all segments of the population. Since 2009, the braids reappeared in fashion collections, admiration and applause. Most fashion houses in France and Italy, and to this day continue to use in their braiding as a pre-to-wear and high couture collections and shows.


To date, there are many ways of braiding and their use in the creation of both the everyday and in the evening hairstyles.


Direct and Inverse classic braid, fishtail braids franzuskaya and Greek, and so on - each girl can choose what she likes most and fit. Alternating between different versions and variants weave hairstyles, you can every day to change their way respectively mood and style of clothing. With braided hairstyles are always very practical and never harm your hair. Still, among the variety of styles and methods of braiding the most popular and in demand is the French braid, which is often used in the wedding hairstyle to give a romantic tenderness in the image of the bride. This braid visually increases the volume of hair, which is very important for owners of thin and sparse hair.


Certainly long hair open infinite space for experiments and creating unusually beautiful hairstyles.


But the owners of the short hair do not worry, as they come to the aid of hair extensions can not do without when you create a wedding hairstyle or evening styling options. You can also apply and false hair, the use of which will not only help you avoid hair coloring, but also to change hair color depending on the mood and seasonal fashion. With the help of toupees, you can weave a bright, unusual and stylish haircut, ekperimentiruya with color and texture, which you will always look fashionable and creative.        All the beauty of style with wicker is that all the hair using this technique in their unique, as are perfectly combined with any your chosen image and look great on any type of hair