Hair cut

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  • • razor cut
  • • dry and freehand hair cut


Every single woman knows that a well done haircut can magnificently renew the entire image and make it more attractive.

To be classy or creative with your appearance is totally up to you. Although, only an experienced specialist will be able to give you the best advice about which haircut will make you look spectacular, depending on your hair structure, face features, life style, and overall look.

Stylish women`s haircuts varying from ultra-short pixies to super long bombshell waves can be made on any hair length.

The most favorite of all through many years still stays a bob, which keeps adding new elements to its shape, for instance leaving the back of the head shorter, long bangs, or asymmetric lines. Today, noticeable bangs which are emphasized by color, highlights, or torn cut and colored strands became a new trend. Especially, this is a huge modern tendency among young population because creative and extreme haircuts compose exactly the most unforgettable and bright character of you.