Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to make a bridal trial?

I highly recommend a trial before the wedding. A trial run gives you time to choose the exact makeup and hair style you want, so that on your wedding day you don`t need to worry about how it will look. Do not be afraid to do more than one trial. Usually brides do 2-3 test runs before they find exactly what they truly love.

When do you have to start to find hairstylist and makeup artist for your wedding?

Start searching at least 3 months before your wedding.

How long does the bridal trial last?

Usually 1 hour for makeup and 1 hour for hair style.

How to prepare your hair and face for makeup?

It will be better if you come with clean face with moisturizing cream only. I recommend making microdermabrasion 1-2 weeks prior your wedding. Eyebrow contouring has to be done 1-3 days before trial run and wedding day. Keep the brow shape classic, as close to your natural growth pattern, that helps to create elegant and romantic look. The hair had to be washed and dry the night before, without using any hairstyle products. For thicker curly hair, client`s hair has to be blown out and ready for styling on trial and on the wedding day. If you have thin fine hair, you can wash it the same day as you have your trial run or wedding. Although, if you have doubts about preparing your hair, please call me, and we will find the best solution for you.

Bring your photo inspiration.

If you go to search in GOOGLE.COM, PINTEREST or INSTAGARM for wedding makeup and hairstyle images, you will find a lot of wonderful ideas. Choose 2-3 of them and I will find the best matching for your features and wedding style (dress, veil and hair pieces).

How many pictures you have to take with me

Bring 2 photos (front and back sides) on your wedding dress and hair pieces. That can help to get a sense of your wedding style and determine the best look based on your dress`s neckline. Of course, it will be better if you bring veil and hair accessories for our trial run and we can see how they will match the hair design and how it will be comfortable for you to wear it all day and night. That part is very important, because it may prevent a lot of unexpected surprises on your wedding day.

What should you expect during my consultation?

We will look at the pictures which gave you ideas about your wedding look, wedding dress and hair pieces and discuss colors and style that you would like to be used. Please, sincerely share with me which details are the most important to you, what you like and what you do not want to have on your makeup and hair style. Sometimes, it can be more helpful to tell me what you

How many people have to advise you during your consultation and trial run?

Please, do not bring a crowd. If you have the person which opinion is truly important to you bring her or him. Too many people giving their opinions always is confusing and stressful for a bride.

May you take picture of your makeup and hairstyle?

Yes, that is a good idea and gives you enough time to make decision what is the best look for you.

Be open to changing your hair cut or hair color.

If you are strongly love some particular style, ask your hairstylist if she or he has to change your hair cut or color to make it look best. Maybe you need hair extension for your wedding hair style too. Be ready to invest your time and money to get it. And do not forget to do a rehearsal services 1 week before your wedding day.