- L`oreal Majirel permanent hair color with 100% gray coverage and give a stable saturated colors;
- L`oreal LuoColor Luminous permanent paint, giving the hair a unique iridescent color with shining gloss shade. Gray hair covering only 70%.
- L`oreal Dia Light color tone in tone and give hair shine vinyl based on the acidic pH of the dye;
- L`oreal Dia Richesse color tone in tone based on alkali kompnentov paint and getting rich saturated shades in combination with silky soft hair;
- L`oreal Inoa 100% coverage of gray hair bezammiachnymi 6-week effect of nutrition and hydration colored hair;
- L`oreal Majimeches used for soft hair bleach because it does not contain ammonia;
- L`oreal Platinum takes care and maintains the health of bleached hair during and after staining;
- L`oreal Infinie Platine Powerful destained powder enriched with pro-keratin, which gives a smooth, clean and shining blond
- L`oreal for men.


- Redken Solor Fusion permanent paint, which gives a uniform hair color with rich, vivid hues;
- Redken Cover Fusion resistant hair color with 100% coverage of gray hair;
- Redken Chromatics - a mixture of pigments, oils and protein-free ammonium that takes care of the hair during the coloring process, making them more dense and elastic recovery at the expense of structure
- Redken Shades EQ demi-permanent dye, which is also the care-hair conditioner
- Redken Intra Force system for hair loss in both women and men;
- Redken Color Camo for men gives the hair a natural long-lasting color at any level of gray
- Redken Shot Phase intensive personal care for each case. Restores the normal pH level, strengthens the hair cuticle and fills health;
- Redken Up to 7 powder for dyeing, bleaching of hair and full balayazha Contains caring and protective component.


- New Colour - the most gentle permanent staining system without ammonia;
- Mask - permanent hair color for sensitive scalp;
- L`art de color - highlights and blondirovanie hair while conditioning;
- Finest Pigments - BIOLAMANIROVANIE or delicate hair color with 98% ingredients of natural origin;
- Glorifying - means for hair care during and after coloring.
- Alchemic - care products to enhance and maintain the color. ...

JOICO Beth Minardi:

- Joico Vero K-Pak Color permanent hair coloring with the simultaneous departure and air conditioning;
- Joico Vero K-Pak Chrome Demi-permanent dye, the use of which will add incredible shine to your hair iblesk;
- Joico Vero K-Pak Color Age Defy permanent color for gray hair with a simultaneous reduction and nutrition of the damaged structure;
- Joico Color Intensity is used to enforce voploshenie creative ideas in creating hairstyles;
- Joico Verolight used for dyeing and bleaching hair;
- Joico Base Breaker allows Dyed blondes always look chic, just 5 minutes osvetvlyaya the root zone of the hair.


- Goldwell Topchic permanent weakly alkaline paint technology which facilitates uniform distribution of pigments, dyes, leveling the difference between porous and healthy portions of hair.
- Goldwell Nectaya organic paint nectar guarantees stability of color and gorgeous shine, protecting the hair during the coloring of the following.
- Goldwell Colorance used for toning and color restoration on the middle part and the tips of the hair. Even porous hair become healthy well-groomed appearance and a wonderful shine. Used for gray hair for a soft, gentle coloring to 75%.
- Goldwell Elumen - LAMINATED - hair color without ammonia and peroxide. Unique penetration and attraction provides depth, brightness and color stability while grooming. Professional line of care products for laminated hair extends color fastness and save an incredible luster and shine of hair.
- Goldwell Soft Color - coloring paint, foam is used to maintain the shade between highlighting and tinting blondes. Removes manifested a yellow tint on bleached hair - can be used at home.
- Goldwell Silk Lift - an innovative system of gentle lightening. Presented in 2 forms: bezammiachnymi and a small percentage of the content of ammonium. The protein content of wheat and keratin prevents dryness and brittle hair even at the most extreme discoloration.
- Goldwell New Blond - Blonde Revolution for 5 minutes corrects natural hair color at the roots of 1-1.5 tones, providing stunning shades of harmonious transition, softening harsh contrasts between regrown and parts Streaked hair.
- Goldwell Men Reshades corrector gray for men
- Goldwell Color Finish Serum (Color Glow) provides an unforgettable finale with a 3-phase effects of paint fixing and protecting the hair. 3 Dusilitel gloss gives a terrific high reflectivity of the hair, keeping a deep, vibrant color.


- Wella Koleston Perfect gives a deep rich color-treated hair, combined with a fantastic shine. Triluxiv technology gives your hair a dazzling shine, rich shade, keeping the color intensity for a long time.
- Wella Illumina Color - it's a premium brand, which covers 100% of gray hair cuticle and protects the hair during the coloring that gives the pure color, natural overflow and incredible shine of hair coming from inside and visible under all lighting conditions.
- Wella Magma stabilizer of color and gloss. Used in the final stage of staining. Means to perpetuate and retain color pigments inside the hair. The unique formula gives a radiant glow highlighted hair.
- Wella Color Touch ammonia-free cream that contains keratin and natural wax, which during the application take care of the hair, increase the intensity of the natural hair color without damaging them.
- Wella Blondor gives excellent uniform result lighten hair without damaging the structure, creating a clean bright effect even under the most severe bleaching.


- Shwarzkopf Igora Royal - it's excellent coverage of gray hair and intense saturated color for a long time. Luxurious palette of shades and hair protection during the application allows you to achieve results of the highest level;
- Shwarzkopf Igora Color Absolutes intended for coloring gray hair.
- Shwarzkopf Igora Vibrance - demi-permanent dye, which is used for toning and refreshing colors on the middle part of the hair and the tips, without destroying their structure
- Shwarzkopf Vario Blond guaranteed bleaching efficiency with reliable clarification to 8 level antizheltym effect.
- Shwarzkopf Blond Me - Special Edition for the blonde, even in the most burning brunettes, allowing us to obtain an incredibly exciting result without damaging your hair.
- Shwarzkopf 3D Men - paint for men.